Wild Combinations /// No Dancehall Edition /// L-Festival

RainbowHouse Brussels
vendredi 01 décembre 2017

Dancehall is overrated but making you dance all together that’s the aim of Wild Combinations.
Et puisque les sorcières que nous sommes s’encanaillent, s’embrigadent et connaissent la choré, alors on danse…
Aussi parce que c’est le L-Festival et que nous, on aime ça !

See you on the dancefloor and be aware of the rules : No Sexism | No Racism | No Ableism | No Ageism | No Homophobia | No Fatphobia | No Transphobia | No Hatefulness

★ Freakquencies by : Antigel (Polygone Poulpitos), Lisha – Lise Vanderpiete, Sasha – Sasha Lyse Ishimwe & Colonel Bambi

The party is FREE but you can still support our ★Ginger G★ drinks full of love and spices. All night long !!!


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