▶ LESBORAMA* 2020◀

Lesborama* returns from March 4th to 7th 2020 with 7 screenings of lesbian, bi-, trans- and feminist fictions and documentaries as well as an exhibition, with this year a special focus on the community and its precious allies who support us and make our lives more enjoyable.

This sixth edition of Lesborama* will take you on a road-trip to the sea, from a photo exhibition to a Lady on fire, from free and happy clitoris to an African-American lesbian club, from joyful gender transitions to reflections on consent…

Wednesday, March 4th:

– 7:00 p.m., Opening of the exhibition “Inverties” from the web series “La Théorie du Y” @ RainbowHouse Bar.

– 9:00 p.m., Opening Screening of “Océan” in the presence of the director Océan, in collaboration with Genres Pluriels @ Cinéma Palace – FR with English sub + opening performance of the queer choir Sing Out Brussels.

Thursday, March 5th:

– 7:00 p.m., Screening of “Mon Nom est Clitoris” in collaboration with huisvandeMens – FR with English sub

Friday, March 6th:

– 7:00 p.m., Screening of “Margarita with a straw” @ RainbowHouse, Marsha P. Johnson Room – FR with Dutch sub

– 9:00 p.m., Screening of “Shakedown.” @ RainbowHouse, Marsha P. Johnson Room – EN

Saturday, March 7th:

– 3:00 p.m., Screening of “Portrait of the Young Girl on Fire,” @ RainbowHouse, Marsha P. Johnson Room – FR & NL

– 5:30 p.m., Screening of “The Factory of Consent”, in the presence of Robine Anders @ RainbowHouse, Marsha P. Johnson Room – FR with English sub

– 20h, Screening of “Lola vers la Mer”, in collaboration with Transkids @ Brussels City Hall – FR with Dutch sub

>> About Lesborama*:

“The asterisk stands for inclusiveness, and while the festival emphasizes lesbian themes, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, queer, and all feminist concerns are also central to the programming.”

Events open to all.

With the support of the Equality Cell of the City of Brussels and huisvandeMens.

In collaboration with Genres Pluriels, Transkids and Sing Out Brussels, RTBF and la Théorie du Y.


▶OPENING ✇ 04/03/20>> ✦ 19h >> Opening of the photographic exhibition "Inverties - Love between women".

For the Opening of its lesbian, bi, trans and feminist film festival Lesborama*, the RainbowHouse is pleased to host the exhibition “Inverties” – Love between Women, itself linked to the world of cinema… as it is taken from the 2nd season of the web series “La Théorie du Y”.

“Inverties” shows 11 women who love women, through their portraits, each accompanied by an interview to be discovered on site.

This exhibition wants to celebrate the beauty and the glowing and inspiring faces of those who are still too little present in the public space. They tell us about their best-kept secret: their sexuality. “Two women don’t really make love! “, ” For you, it’s the scissor position, right? “, ” Who plays the man? “, ” You must have a drawer full of dildos! ” are all comments and misconceptions that they hear over and over again.

11 women speak up to unveil their intimacy. Why is their sexuality so little known and surrounded by prejudice? Who do we identify with when we discover that we love women? And what if, in the end, the best thing is not to have any ideas so that we can imagine things together? They share their pride, their sadness, their questions, their convictions. Love, orientation, first time, masturbation, feminism, pornography, clichés, attraction… are all themes that they approach without modesty but with humour and poetry.

The “Inverties” project was born as part of the 2nd season of the web series La théorie du Y – RTBF. The main character realizes this project in the serie. Directors Caroline Taillet and Martin Landmeters called upon photographer Ophélie Longuépée to bring the artistic project to life in reality.

QR codes will allow you to hear the words of these women in 4 to 6 minute interviews. Just pick up your phone, put on your earphones, and you will meet them!

> RainbowHouse Brussels, Rue du Marché au Charbon 42, 1000 Brussels

From March 4th to May 2nd included (Free admission)

Opening hours: (coming soon)

Production RTBF & Narrativ Nation

Link of the event:

▶ Opening screening: "Ocean" in the presence of the director ✇ 04/03/20 >> 9pm >>@ Cinéma Palace (2019 - 111 min - FR Subtitled EN)

The lesbian, bis, trans and feminist film festival Lesborama* invites you to its opening session: “Ocean”, in the presence of the director Océan. The screening will be presented by Océan, and followed by Q&A with the audience.
The queer choir Sing Out Brussels will give us the pleasure of an opening performance.

The documentary “Océan” is the intimate self-portrait of a trans man that people have known until then as the artist of Océanerosemarie, a humorist and true French lesbian icon since his first show in 2009, “La Lesbienne Invisible”.

Finally ready to face the social gaze, in May 2018, Océan decided to come out, change gender and assert himself as he is: a trans man. Afraid of other people’s gaze, afraid to distance himself from those close to him, afraid to see his status as an artist evolve, but also very impatient and happy to live this immense experience. How will Océan go through all the physical, psychological and sentimental stages of this transition?

Here we are, the day he announces to his family that they should no longer say “her” when talking about him. We are also there for the first testosterone shot and the following ones. The appointments with the surgeon, the surgery… We get to see his friends’ reactions, his mother’s reactions. His love life, too.

In collaboration with Genres Pluriels >
Genres Pluriels is an association that works to support, make known, raise awareness, increase the rights and fight against discrimination of transgender people, people experiencing gender diversity and intersex people.

With the support of the Equality Cell of the City of Brussels.

Tickets :

Link of the event:

▶ Screening: "Mon nom est clitoris" by Daphné Leblond & Lisa Billuart Monet ✇ 05/03/20 >> 7pm >> (2019 - 80min - French with English subtitles)

Mon nom est Clitoris” received the award for Best Documentary from the 2020 Film Magritte.

>> This documentary is a dialogue between young women about female sexuality. With freedom, courage and humour, they share their experiences and stories, in the desire to change the world around them and to assert women’s right to an informed sexual education, free from constraints and taboos.

“It’s free and uninhibited, and it feels good! ” – RTBF

“Mon nom est clitoris is bold, courageous, fresh and promotes women’s right to promoting well informed sex education, free of constraints and taboos. The right of women to say yes, to say no, to assume their desires, to claim them. Without fear, without taboos. It is necessary! ” – LE SOIR

” The bright revenge of the clitoris ” – BRUZZ

Free of charge, by reservation:

The screening will be followed by a complimentary buffet.
In collaboration with huisvandeMens.

Link to the event:

▶ Screening: "Margarita with a straw" by Shonali Bose & Nilesh Maniyar ✇ 06/03/20 >> 7pm >> (2016 - 100min - French with Dutch subtitles)

>> Synopsis:
Laila is a young girl in an wheelchair, romantic and secretly rebellious. Overcoming her disability, she sets out to discover her emotional and love life. While these exhilarating adventures cause her many wounds and conflicts with her loved ones, they allow her to find the strength to be truly herself.

Entrance, on site: 3€, including a drink ticket worth 2€.
(no presale)
Open to all.

With the support of the Equality Cell of the City of Brussels.
Link of the event:

▶ Screening : “Shakedown” by Leilah Weinraub ✇ 06/03/20 >> 21h >> (2018 - 72min - English)

Shakedown was a series of parties thrown by and for African-American women in Los Angeles, featuring Go-Go dancing and striptease shows for the underground lesbian scene. Ronnie Ron – assuming butch – created, produced, and presented new parties, inspired by those of the transgender woman Mahogany – a leading figure in the field – who, by the late 1980s, was organizing strip queer parties and ballrooms for non-straight audiences. At these events, the predominantly female hood audience slipped banknotes into the dancers’ underwear, while celebrating lesbian sexuality to the rhythmic sounds of hip-hop.

This intimate chronicle reveals, through interviews and life scenes, the behind-the-scenes of what was much more than just a strip club. A rare space dedicated to the lesbian subculture, the club brought together and galvanized a marginalized African-American and queer community, making it the target of numerous police reprisals.

Leilah Weinraub, a member of this community, takes a personal look at female desire, as it is rarely presented on the big screen.

Entrance, on site: 3€, including a drink ticket worth 2€.
(no presale)
Open to all.

Event :

▶ Screening : “La fabrique du consentement” by Mathilde Capone ✇ 07/03/20 >> 17h30 >> (2020 - 73 min - French with english subtitles))

> Synopsis:
What if lesbo-queer communities had something to share about the singularities of their sexualities? Through the complex topic of consent, sixteen protagonists from these communities speak up. Could there be blurred lines, a continuum between consent and aggression? How can we defeat rape culture and innovate in matters of consent? How has the notion of aggression been used historically to exclude trans women? In a deep introspection of their intimacies, these protagonists ask questions, get angry, laugh, create other possibilities. They suggest to look more closely at consent, from the experience of their marginalized communities, their subcultures and their explorations.

Entrance, on site: 3€, including a drink ticket worth 2€.
(no presale)

Event :
Open to all.

▶ Screening : “Portrait de la jeune fille en feu” by Céline Sciamma ✇ 07/03/20 >> 15h >> (2019 - 119 min - French)

A film by: Celine Sciamma
Duration: 119 min
Language: FR
Release: 02.10.2019
Cast: Noémie Merlant , Adèle Haenel , Luàna Bajra

> Synopsis: 1770. Marianne is a painter and has to paint the wedding portrait of Heloise, a young woman who has just left the convent. Heloise resists her fate as a wife by refusing to pose. Marianne will have to paint her in secret. Introduced to her as a lady’s companion, she looks at her.

Admission, at the door: 3€, including a drink ticket worth 2€.
(no presale)
Open to all.

Event :

▶ Screening : “Lola vers la mer” by Laurent Micheli ✇ 07/03/20 >> 20h >> (2019 - 87min - French with Dutch subtitles)

Closing screening of the Lesborama* 2020 festival.

Directed by Laurent Micheli
Release date: December 11, 2019
Duration: 87 minutes
Language: French with Dutch subtitles

> Synopsis: When Lola, an 18-year-old transgender girl, learns that she will finally be able to have surgery, her mother, who was supposed to support her financially, dies. In order to respect her last wishes, Lola and her father, who hasn’t seen each other for two years are forced to go to the Belgian coast. Along the way, they realize that the outcome of the trip may not be what they expected …

The screening will be presented by Daphne Coquelle, from the Transkids association.

Transkids asbl is the first French-speaking Belgian association specifically dedicated to trans children and youngsters under 20 years old, and their parents.

Free of charge, by reservation.
Out of respect for the festival audience, please only take a seat if you are sure to come.

Event :