NEW PROJECT: Rainbow Karavane

NEW PROJECT: Rainbow Karavane

🌈 The Rainbow Karavane is a series of LGBTQI+ themed events organised as part of the PrideFestival. Come and meet with LGBTQI+ associations! These events will be accompanied by a socio-cultural event. Workshops, concerts, exhibitions, films, debates… the possibilities are endless!

The caravan symbolizes the movement of LGBTQI+ associations in the different municipalities of Brussels. There won’t be a real caravan, but instead there will be a lot of nice activities!

Each “Karavane” will be organised in collaboration with a Brussels local authority. In 2020 and 2021, the Rainbow Karavane will take place in 5 different municipalities: Anderlecht, Saint Gilles, Uccle, Watermael-Boitsforts and Ixelles.


🆕 COVID19 Update

The Rainbow Karavane should have taken place in May 2020, at the same time as the PrideFestival. Due to the pandemic, we moved the PrideFestival to September 2020. However, for logistical reasons, the Rainbow Karavane had to be rescheduled again. It will now take place from December 2020 to March 2021. Some events have been transformed into online activities, others will take place offline as soon as the sanitary situation allows it.  It will therefore be an extension of the PrideFestival!


Goals pursued by the project:

The majority of LGBTQI+ activities are still too concentrated in the city centre of Brussels, especially around the coal market street. The Rainbow Karavane will give visibility to the work of LGBTQI+ associations in Brussels, but also to LGBTQI+ culture. And that, outside the city centre!

Here is a list of the goals of the project:

– Organise LGBTQI+ activities outside the city centre of Brussels

– Visibility of the work of LGBTQI+ associations in Brussels

– Visibility of queer talent in Brussels

– Raising public awareness on LGBTQI+ issues

– Creating links between different worlds, especially between local residents and LGBTQI+ people

– Offering safe spaces to think and build together a fairer society.

✦ On the agenda ✦

📸 From November 25th to December 18th · Deborah Gigliotti’s expo “Backstages” @ Watermael-Boisfort

For this first Karavane, come discover Deborah Gigliotti’s photos showcased in the windows of La Vénerie / Espace Delvaux, the cultural center of Watermael-Boisfort.

The “Backstages” expo will show you what happens in the backstages of the drag shows and burlesque cabarets of Brussels. For 5 years, the artist has had the privilege of taking pictures of what happens behind the curtains, stairs and walls that separates the scene from the backstages.

From Manko to the Mademoiselle Cabaret and passing by Chez Maman, Deborah wandered in the backstages, between the wigs, feathers and glitters. She photographed the moment, the transformation: a mouth being redrawn, a dress that sublimates, a heel that elongates, a perfume that marks the end of someone and the beginning of a character. And all of this to entertain you but also to make you wonder.

From Maman, Jean Biche, Mademoiselle Boop to Lolly Wish, among many other talented artists, come discover or rediscover those international stars who animate these cabarets.

Link to the Facebook event : here

Link to the agenda : here

🎬 January 14th, 2021 · SAKU: The Movie Premiere (with Uccle)

🎵 Join us for the premiere of the dance film “SAKU” by choreographer Yves Aduhire with the Wild Kidz Party troupe! Directed by Fransisco Lumezo.

It’s not always easy to cultivate a good self-esteem… However, it is essential for the stability and personal fulfilment of Saku, a 25-year-old androgynous person. He will then throw himself body and soul into a quest of self. SAKU is a show that addresses issues linked to social perception and how it affects self-development, especially when one belongs to an identity or gender that society does not recognize.

Before the movie begins, come and listen to the stories of artists from Brussels during which they will share their experiences as LGBTQI+ people of color in the cultural milieu (+/-15min). Then comes the screening of the movie “SAKU” written by Yves Aduhire and, directed and scripted by Francisco Luzemo (+/-10min). Immediately after that, let’s meet for a discussion with everyone who worked on the movie (+/-15min). They will talk about the project itself, the creative process and some of the movie’s themes like masculinity and its deconstruction. Don’t forget to stay until the end to see the behind the scenes of the movie!

Watch the teaser of SAKU : coming soon

Live streaming: more info to come 

Link to the Facebook event :

Link to the agenda : here


👁️‍🗨️ But wait! There is more. This is only the beginning of the Rainbow Karavane program. Other surprises await, so keep an eye open on our social media and on our RainbowHouse  website.

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