Fédération Arc-en-ciel

The Federation Arc En Ciel (a non-profit organisation) is a sporty and cultural gay association, of which the charters were established on August 30th 1993. We hence enter this year our 25th season.

We offer you cultural activities, a literary café, cycling trips, hiking, organised journeys and all kinds of other things.

We are members of the Maison Arc en Ciel of Brussels a place where the LGBTQI en their friends can get information, but do not confuse us with Arc en Ciel Wallonie the Walloon Federation of the LGTB associations.

For your information:

  • Your appointee is a volunteer, which means that he holds his position without pay. He pays as well for participation in his activity.
  • We want to remind the members that due respect to the appointee implies that the members take into account the final date of entry, and the trouble that last minute registrations and decisions cause to the appointee.
  • Nevertheless, the easiest way to check whether it is possible to take part in some activity is to phone or to e-mail the appointee. Last minute annulments of activities for which a paid reservation is required will not be refunded. The tickets or other documents will be put at the disposal of the person who cancels.

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